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Etek Aero industrial X-ray (DR) and computed tomography (CT) inspection systems are widely used in quality assurance and development processes in the automotive industry. Parts are checked against structural requirements and safety regulations using X-ray to guarantee they comply.

YXLON industrial X-ray and CT inspection systems are used for defect inspection for tires as well as composite rubber and rubber-compound parts. In final finishing, foreign objects, flaws in reinforcement, and air inclusions are reliably detected using YXLON systems. Additionally, data about the build of each tire is collected for monitoring and production optimization. YXLON CT inspection systems are used in R&D and root cause analysis for non-destructive tire examination.

An YXLON MTIS can be directly integrated into the production line inspecting every radial truck and bus tire and many passenger car tires. This X-ray inspection detects as well as rules out anomalies in steel wires (e.g. position, spacing, damage) along with:


  • Defects or missing wires in the belt plies
  • Air inclusions
  • Shifts and distortions in the reinforcement plies
  • Foreign objects


TireAXIS, YXLON’s tire inspection software digitally and automatically examines tires for defects and gathers detailed information about the structural build of each one – valuable input for statistical process control in continuous production optimization. The location of the tire bead on the wheel can be visualized in a tangential scan by conducting a manual X-ray of individual tire & wheel units.

With the YXLON CT Tire inspection system, the tire or tire & wheel unit is captured three-dimensionally via computed tomography. The resulting images are used for three-dimensional geometric measurement of the tire’s structural components. This system is frequently used in R&D departments to verify new tire design prototypes and in root cause analysis.

With YXLON industrial X-ray inspection systems, production of alloy wheels is closely monitored to assure quality and to comply with safety regulations, ruling out any flaws that may compromise the structural integrity of the wheel over its lifetime.

Recognition of blowholes and clusters
Detection of foreign bodies
Prevention of surface-breaking flaws on the finished wheel
Check microporosities toward prevention of microsections

The results are documented and archived and provide direct input for improving the casting process production quality. Customized solutions are available, depending upon the application and flaw pattern involved.

YXLON WI26 G is the new flagship industrial X-ray inspection system for reliable inline alloy wheel X-ray inspections, along with our YXLON MU231 economic X-ray inspection system, which still is the most widely used wheel inspection system in the world. Wheels are fed in unfinished and in mixed-mode operation. The system identifies the wheel model automatically and inspects according to customer specification. Blowholes and foreign bodies are sorted out as individual flaws or as a cluster. In both systems, our inspection software is used for efficient and objective automatic inspections.

Our YXLON X-ray inspection system YXLON MU2000-D Wheel is used when single wheels are inspected, for example the first sample of a new casting. A special wheel roller support helps manually capture the X-ray images. The location of the tire bead on the wheel can also be visualized in a tangential scan by conducting a manual X-ray of individual tire & wheel units.

Typical casting flaws can occur in all casting techniques that involve materials such as iron, aluminum, magnesium, or zinc. These include porosities; the formation of pores and blisters, as well as thermal cracking, dimensional changes and inclusions

Detection of blowholes and pores
Geometric measurement of inner structures
Wall thickness analysis

YXLON industrial computed tomography (CT) also provides important supplementary information. In wall thickness analysis for example, inner structures and precise measurements can be determined using CT; even in the case of complex components. Information like this is indispensable, particularly during prototype qualification. For safety relevant components in the automotive industry, ascertaining remaining wall thicknesses following the casting process, or the finishing phase for series products, is of major importance. This measurement provides information about the material’s stability and thermal conductivity. Once a tomogram of a component has been made with YXLON industrial CT inspection systems, information is then available for a variety of analyses.

YXLON industrial X-ray inspection systems enable high unit volumes to be checked for flaws rapidly and with certainty using our ‘high dynamic radioscopy’ inspection software. In this manner, cast parts with a deviating casting structure can be sorted out of the production process at an early stage. The possibility also exists to draw conclusions regarding casting quality from the types of flaws found, thereby increasing productivity by initiating appropriate improvement measures.

Plastic molded or encapsulated components are of increasing importance due to growing demand for smaller, lighter, and more compact designs that are cost efficient. Wherever mechanics and electronics meet, electromechanical components can be used in a multitude of applications.

YXLON industrial X-ray and CT systems are used to inspect and to evaluate:


It is also possible to inspect semiconductor components and electronic devices (solder joints) without having to disassemble the device.



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