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Supporting changing demands in quality control

In the automotive sector, quality assurance has always been extremely versatile due to the variety of components. With the shift towards new drive systems and connectivity, the complexity of this task has increased even more. Comet Yxlon supports automotive manufacturers and OEMs in their aim to produce highest quality products in the most cost-efficient and sustainable way – and to prevent rejects before they occur.

Multi-material design, e-mobility, autonomous driving: In the fast-changing automotive sector, quality assurance must keep up with the new challenges. Just like the industry, Comet Yxlon systems are evolving constantly.

Applications of industrial X-ray in automotive

Metal casting




X-ray and CT inspection of metal castings, vehicle electronics, and tires

X-ray and CT inspection of metal castings, vehicle electronics, and tires

Classic applications of X-ray technology in the automotive sector include metal castings, such as engine components and chassis parts, but also electronical and electromechanical components, such as sensors and control devices, and tires.

The e-mobility challenge: bigger parts, multi-materials

The transition to electric mobility presents the automotive industry with various challenges:

  • Castings are becoming larger and more complex to reduce assembly steps
  • The need for weight reduction leads to the use of new materials such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Electrification requires fewer, but oftentimes multi-material components (aluminum, plastic, potting compounds, copper, steel)
  • Battery cells, battery modules, and complete battery systems become critical components

The solution: CT systems for in-line and at-line testing

Comet Yxlon offers highly precise CT systems (e.g., for prototype and pre-series development), which reveal the internal structures of a part without destroying it. From initial sampling to inspection during production, industrial CT opens up excellent possibilities: While R&D labs benefit from the flexibility of the FF20 CT, FF35 CT and FF85 CT systems and their outstanding precision and accuracy, the universal inspection systems UX20 and UX50 for use in production environments bank on the easy, intuitive operation and mechanical robustness.

The e-mobility challenge bigger parts, multi-materials
Using automation to streamline inspection processes

Using automation to streamline inspection processes

Due to its high volumes, the automotive industry is strongly production-driven and subject to price pressure. Comet Yxlon systems use automated inspection processes to reduce complexity, such as: creating automated test reports, recording dimensional accuracy and image quality, or facilitating user-independent inspection decisions with computer-aided evaluations, also known as automated defect recognition (ADR).

Automotive quality solutions: radial tire inspection

Today, hundreds of Comet Yxlon inspection systems are integrated into production lines worldwide to inspect components fully automatically, both castings and tires. Just one example: The in-line inspection system MTIS is the most successful X-ray inspection system for radial tires and gathers valuable data from each tire for statistical process control and feedback to production.


Inspection Systems

Our world class Imaging Division offers a range of innovative and cost effective equipment for industrial X-ray and CT for non-destructive parts inspection.


Service & Maintenance

We have a team of equipment and process specialists capable of providing 24/7 rapid-response, ‘frontline’ support and training to compliment your own technical personnel.

Etek Aero, Prestwick Aerospace Centre

Featured Products

We offer a broad range of cutting-edge X-ray and CT products designed to support all your industrial inspection needs. Whether your component is measured in micrometers or meters, we have a system that fits.

Coment Yxlon FF85 Computed Tomography inspection system Aerospace


With its dual-tube configuration, the high-energy, high-resolution FF85 CT achieves extremely precise inspection results for a wide variety of material types and part sizes.

Coment Yxlon FF35 Computed Tomography inspection system aerospace


With its optional dual-tube set-up, the FF35 CT combines unprecedented CT data quality with the highest versatility when inspecting small and medium-sized parts.

Comet Yxlon UX20 x-ray and CT inspection system

Yxlon UX20

Designed to provide intuitive operation, the UX20 system makes it easy for users of all expertise levels to conduct highly efficient X-ray and CT inspections in record time.

With its optional dual-tube set-up, the FF35 CT combines unprecedented CT data quality with the highest versatility when inspecting small and medium-sized parts.


With its large inspection envelope, multiple field-of-view extensions, and a powerful 450 kV X-ray tube, the UX50 takes the inspection of complex, dense parts to the next level.

Coment Yxlon Cheetah EVO X-ray inspection system

Yxlon Cheetah EVO

The Cheetah EVO is designed to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, enabling efficient and reliable inspection in the SMT and semiconductor industry as well as in laboratories.

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