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Meeting electromobility inspection challenges with CT

As a quickly evolving industry branch, e-mobility demands advanced, future-proof inspection technology for its wide range of quality control applications. In collaboration with major automobile manufacturers, Comet Yxlon keeps researching and developing new solutions for efficient and reliable CT inspections. Applications include quality assurance of batteries, electric motors, e-mobility-specific castings, and other parts like tires, as they are exposed to higher stress and wear due to increased vehicle weight and torque.

Highly complex, sensitive, and costly components used in electric vehicles (EVs) such as battery cells demand modern test methods like CT to ensure safety and performance

Inspecting the battery – the heart of the electric car

In electric cars, the battery’s performance is critical to the reliability, range, and longevity of the entire vehicle. CT inspections with Comet Yxlon CT systems support both automobile and battery cell manufacturers with reliable, highly precise inspection data that e.g., help reduce scrap in mass production. Computed tomography is used to test raw materials for the battery cell, the individual cells, the cells packaged into a module, and the modules connected into a battery system or battery pack.

Inspecting the battery – the heart of the electric car

Efficient quality assurance for battery cells

One of the main challenges in cell production is the high scrap rate. Since this is a big cost issue, it is important to detect defective cells before further processing. Comet Yxlon CT inspection systems cover a wide range of techniques for non-destructive quality assurance and metrology applications. This includes overhang measurements of cathode/anode and the inspection for contamination and inclusions as the most important defect types of a battery cell.

Reliable CT inspection of battery modules

The very tight component and joining tolerances as well as the special requirements for contact welding make the stacking of battery cells to manufacture battery modules a challenging task. Computed tomography with Comet Yxlon systems delivers precise inspection results for the quality assessment of cell stack orientation, housing weld seams, cell connection weld seams, and tab welding. In addition, overhang measurement of cells already installed in modules is possible using Comet Yxlon laminography.

Testing battery systems and packs with CT

When the battery modules are assembled to form a battery system, they are connected to the system housing, usually a metal casting part, which serves for cooling. With Comet Yxlon CT inspection systems manufacturers can check this connection of the battery module to the housing, which has the function of a heat sink to make sure all components are fully functional.

Powerful CT systems for scanning rotors and hairpin stators

The inspection of rotors and stators are the two most critical applications in quality testing of electric motors – specifically the determination of the attachment area and the total pore volume of welded joints of hairpins. Comet Yxlon took up the challenge and refined their FF35 CT with its excellent resolution and the at-line system UX20 with its 225kV MesoFocus tubes to supply foundries with precise quality inspection data.

Powerful CT systems for scanning rotors and hairpin stators
Detecting casting defects in asynchronous motor rotors

Detecting casting defects in asynchronous motor rotors

When aluminum is cast into steel plates to produce a squirrel cage for an asynchronous motor, casting defects such as cavities and porosities can occur. For these dense components, Comet Yxlon developed their own CTScan 3 line detector array (LDA), with an unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio, a dynamic range, and a pixel pitch of 254 μm. The CTScan 3, which is used e.g., in the FF85 CT or the UX50, can provide high-quality images of the upper and lower connecting rings and the porosities of the aluminum inside the steel layers.

New components, new solutions: e-mobility-specific cast parts

In the innovative electromobility industry, novel components sometimes require new test methods to ensure functionality and safe operation. Just one example: aluminum cast housings for electric motors, battery systems, and inverters. Since they are equipped with integrated water cooling, leak tightness plays a crucial role in safety, taking into consideration the high currents and voltages of the engine system. X-ray inspections and CT scans can also be used to check if all channels are open to the cooling liquid.

New components, new solutions e-mobility-specific cast parts


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We offer a broad range of cutting-edge X-ray and CT products designed to support all your industrial inspection needs. Whether your component is measured in micrometers or meters, we have a system that fits.

Coment Yxlon FF85 Computed Tomography inspection system Aerospace


With its dual-tube configuration, the high-energy, high-resolution FF85 CT achieves extremely precise inspection results for a wide variety of material types and part sizes.

Coment Yxlon FF35 Computed Tomography inspection system aerospace


With its optional dual-tube set-up, the FF35 CT combines unprecedented CT data quality with the highest versatility when inspecting small and medium-sized parts.

Comet Yxlon UX20 x-ray and CT inspection system

Yxlon UX20

Designed to provide intuitive operation, the UX20 system makes it easy for users of all expertise levels to conduct highly efficient X-ray and CT inspections in record time.

With its optional dual-tube set-up, the FF35 CT combines unprecedented CT data quality with the highest versatility when inspecting small and medium-sized parts.


With its large inspection envelope, multiple field-of-view extensions, and a powerful 450 kV X-ray tube, the UX50 takes the inspection of complex, dense parts to the next level.

Coment Yxlon Cheetah EVO X-ray inspection system

Yxlon Cheetah EVO

The Cheetah EVO is designed to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, enabling efficient and reliable inspection in the SMT and semiconductor industry as well as in laboratories.

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