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YXLON CT Precision

High-Resolution Cone-Beam Industrial CT System for Small/Medium Parts Inspection

“Discover the difference in accuracy” – the YXLON CT Precision is a high-resolution cone-beam CT (computed tomography) inspection system for small to medium-sized parts.

YXLON CT Precision x-ray inspection system for the aerospace industry
    • Precise industrial inspection & metrology applications

    • 3D inspections with premium detail recognition

    • Special features like laminography or helical CT for homogeneous images and increased detail visibility

    • Multiple parts tested in one inspection run to boost workflow

System Capabilities

Do you want to test small to medium-sized parts or even large parts with lower density? Does a broad range of applications for research, development, and quality assurance appeal to you? Choose CT Precision cone-beam for maximum detail recognition.

The rock solid granite manipulator makes CT Precision very precise, durable, warp-resistant, and temperature-independent. The microfocus X-ray tube offers unlimited lifespan thanks to a replaceable filament and targets.

The helical CT scan mode is another benefit that improves your testing procedures. By simultaneously rotating and moving the part it eliminates the need for image stitching and provides supreme accuracy in all areas of tall parts.

The new laminography mode precisely displays details which cannot be distinguished in 2D industrial X-ray images. This makes laminography a perfect complement to regular CT.

YXLON’s software toolbox automatically reduces ring artifacts in your CT scans right at the source. Plus, various state-of-the-art reconstruction algorithms and our detector calibration process help ensure consistent image quality.

Technical Data

Attribute Respective Value
Sample Diameter 600 x 1250 [mm]
Maximum Sample Weight 50 [kg]
X-ray Tube FeinFocus® 225 kV micro-focus
Maximum Geometric magnification ~210x
Voxel Size down to ~950 nanometers
Inspection ModeCone-beam CT
Manipulation 7 axes, granite based
Detector Type YXLON XRD 1620 / XRD 1621


VG Studio 3.0
The seamless integration of Volume Graphics VG Studio 3.0, an industry leading high-end software, gives the operator the ability to analyze and visualize YXLON CT data for comprehensive, non-destructive testing.

IMAGE x500
IMAGE x500 imaging software is used for image evaluation. Its proven ease-of-use design is the result of a wide range of processing tools including filters, gray value scaling, annotations, and HDR live image filter, which make image processing and evaluation very convenient.


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