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Industrial X-ray System for Cast Parts Inspection

YXLON MU2000-D is a robust, reliable industrial X-ray and CT inspection system for broad applications in foundries, R&D, laboratories, universities, and educational institutions. The system delivers brilliant image quality with digital flat-panel detector and highly dynamic radioscopy.

YXLON MU2000-D | Industrial X-ray System for Cast Parts Inspection
    • Renowned, robust, reliable digital X-ray inspection system

    • Brilliant image quality with high contrast for spot-check samples and series inspection

    • Fast computed tomography (CT scan) at the touch of a button (optional)

    • Smart ergonomics for easy operation

  • Tailor-made configuration for wheels and tires

  • Compliance with ASTM standards and specific car manufacturers’ inspection requirements

System Capabilities

MU2000-D is an excellent solution for casting inspection activities of large quantity parts production as well as for R&D. From large multi-national companies to small/medium-sized foundries and global car manufacturers, all trust their inspections to this robust system.

MU2000-D assists you in detection of flaws in items such as:

Aluminum castings (engine blocks, cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons, knuckles)
Turbine blades
Wheels and tires
Fiber-reinforced materials
3D printed materials

The excellent image quality of the MU2000-D system is based on the interplay of the digital flat-panel detector array with our YXLON HDR-Inspect software. The HDR (Highly Dynamic Radioscopy) technology provides exceptional detail detection, even though varying material thicknesses, and assists in visually determining the depth of casting flaws.

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the MU2000-D is easy to operate, even for those without specialized knowledge. The same applies to the CT option. Our CT analysis station is equipped with industry leading software, VGStudio from Volume Graphics. You can count on detailed casting-flaw information thanks to 3D reconstruction of the CT scan. You can upgrade your MU2000 with the HDR and CT-option and benefit from these extended functions.

MU2000-D is future-ready. Its interface generates data to be used in fields such as machine learning, Big data, the Internet of Things, and machine-to-machine communication. In order to ensure acceptable inspection quality of your safety-critical components, the MU2000-D complies with current industry standards like ASTM and specific car manufacturers’ requirements.

Technical Data

Attribute Respective Value
CT Modes Cone beam CT, Helical CT, virtual axis, FoV extension, Volume Crop, QualityScan, QuickScan®
Focus-Detector-Distance (FDD) Y.FXE: 730 - 1675 [mm]
Y.TU: 1045 - 1995 [mm]
Manipulation 7 axes, granite based
Sample Diameter 715 [mm]
Sample Height 1100 [mm]
Maximum Sample Weight 100 [kg]
X-ray Tube Y.TU450 mini-focus
FeinFocus® 225 kV micro-focus


Geminy is YXLON’s new software platform. This common platform ensures a fast, smooth workflow through synergistic features and intensive tests for the highest stability. Updates for Geminy will be available on a regular basis, assuring the very latest in operational confidence.


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