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Robotic System for Industrial X-ray Inspection of Turbine Blades

YXLON MU56 TB is an industrial X-ray system developed for non-destructive testing of turbine blades. Automatic program execution assures that serial inspection of turbine blades is consistent and efficient. This robotic system can be easily integrated into your aerospace production process.

YXLON MU56 TB | Robotic System for Industrial X-ray Inspection of Turbine Blades
    • Compact X-ray system for serial inspection of turbine blades

    • Automatic X-ray inspection without operator interaction

    • Equipped with TrueInspect ADR (automatic defect recognition) as option

    • Optional recognition system for part identification or pallet type recognition

  • Customizable solution to fulfill your specific aerospace application needs

  • Solution in alignment with current industry standards i.e. ASTM, DICONDE, Nadcap, MAI

System Capabilities

The MU56 TB robotic system is designed to test turbine blades for the aerospace sector. The system meets strict industry standards for safety critical parts including ASTM, MAI and Nadcap, and is DICONDE compliant. Manipulation of inspected parts is handled by an industrial robot, assuring exact positioning and fast cycle-times.

A variofocus X-ray tube and digital flat-panel detector combine to deliver superb image quality. And for applications requiring the highest resolution, the system’s variable focal spot size is indispensible. Together these features satisfy the preconditions to meet the high aerospace safety standards while at the same time increasing the efficiency and quality of your production process.

YXLON PXV5000 software is a core element of the MU56 TB and ensures fully automatic system control. Our IMAGE 3500 image processing software is easy to use and offers an array of image enhancement tools. Testing procedures like ASTM E2737 are automatically executed and can be easily documented, reported, and shared.

Maximize your efficiency with optional part/pallet type recognition systems and add review stations for image evaluation. Include our AdResult long-term archiving and statistics tool, one of a compliment of options designed to help optimize your inspection workflow.

The MU56 TB can be adapted to suit your special aerospace application needs.

Technical Data

Attribute Respective Value
Sample Dimensions ~200 x 80 x 80 [mm]
Maximum Sample Weight 2 [kg]
System Dimension ~2300 x 2000 x 3000 [mm]
System Weight 10000 [kg]
X-ray Tube 225 [kV]
Detector Active Area1024 x 1024 [px]
Pixel Pitch 200 [µm]
Bit Depth 16 [bit]


The YXLON MU56 TB uses our PXV5000 system control, which allows for automated inspection without operator interaction. Gain and offset calibrations can be easily integrated into the inspection programs for optimal workflow and reliable results.

IMAGE 3500
Image evaluation is greatly enhanced with our IMAGE 3500 imaging software. Its proven ease-of-use design is the result of a wide range of processing tools including filters, gray value scaling, annotations, and HDR live image filter, which make image processing and evaluation very convenient.

Our sophisticated software tool automatically performs, documents and archives reports according to the ASTM E2737 standard for digital detector array performance and long-term stability.

AdResult offers you a long-term archiving solution scalable across multiple sites, with archive navigator for convenient retrieval of images and powerful analysis tools.


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